Uw heerlijke 3-sterren hotel in Buinen, Drenthe

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Find your the most excellent accommodation by looking through our elegant rooms, which are entirely equipped.
Contemporary delicacy with an urban exclusive outlook, followed by modern design, uniqueness and simplicity.
Booklium is a unique and truly beautifully designed hostel in which your stay will be very comfortable.
A perfect plan for sunny days:

Relax, make new friends, enjoy some tapas and sip a tasty mojito by the pool on our splendid terrace

Rooms in Booklium hostel

We offer a wide range of rooms, including dormitories and single rooms with ensuite

Comfort kamer


Prijzen beginnen bij: 95.50 per nacht

Weekendje weg


Senioren arrangement


Deluxe kamer


Prijzen beginnen bij: 97.50 per nacht



Prijzen beginnen bij: 190 per nacht

Ibiza appartement


Prijzen beginnen bij: 260 per nacht

Wildlands arrangement


Midweek Hartlief arrangement


Vrienden/vriendinnen arrangement


The Highest Level of Comfort,
Convenience and Service

Enjoy being outdoors on our terrace. Feel like getting a tan, listening to good music, diving in the pool, dancing at sunset or sipping your most favourite cocktail? It’s a hard life, isn’ it? In Booklium, you’ll get to enjoy the best that Barcelona has to offer, in one of the traditional patios of a city’s Eixample neighbourhood. Let yourself fully relish indescribable and unique beauty of the city and relax at our hostel.

Bar & Cocktails Booklium

Start your day off with a nice full continental breakfast, every day from 8:00 to 11:00. Keep in mind: breakfast is the most important and essential meal of the day!

Our Shared Kitchen

We invite you to our immense kitchen, that’s fully equipped and always open for you.

Swimming Pool

Enjoy being outdoors on our terrace! Feel like getting a tan, listening to good music, diving in the pool, dancing at sunset or sipping your favourite cocktail?

Travelling with more than 20 people? Get the best deals for groups.

If you are travelling with a group of over 20 people, Booklium is a perfect place for you! Accommodation and booking for groups of friends, students of the same school or the same university, musicians or athletes.

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